We had our flat nearby and I saw in the evening that there was an exciting lighting situation in the nord east of the island. Immediately I drove to the other side of the coast and found this lighting conditions. As this guy stood in front of my camera, I knew: that gives a good picture. He creates an effect of freedom.
Road back. When I saw this last light, I had to stop.
During the day, lots of people come to this exiting formation of the coast at the very east side of Madeira. So I decided to get up early and watch the sunrise. The result was a very impressive light together with a fresh morning breeze. When I went back, the first people came. But the sunrise was mine.
Another picture, shortly after sunrise.
Birds in the morning light use the upwind. Sometimes they dived for a short moment to catch fish.
The landscape at the very end of the island is very barren. Nevertheless, the few grasses and cliffs had amazing colors.
It was an ordinary day and the lighting conditions not very special. We came back from a short hike and I decided to take some pictures at the beach. With the new filter (ND 1.8) I got an interesting result. Long exposure (3 sec, f/19, ISO 100).
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